PY has reopened or In Studio classes.  ‚ÄčA few things to note:

-Classes offered IN STUDIO will also continue to be offered online (except outdoor classes). Not all classes will return to IN STUDIO at this time. Please continue to check the schedule for updates. 

-RESERVE YOUR SPOT.  Spaces are limited.  You must register for in studio classes.   PLEASE...if you reserve a spot and are unable to attend, cancel out no later than 90 minutes prior to class.  

-Please arrive to the studio no later than 5 minutes prior to start time.  As most in-studio classes are on Zoom at the same time we will not be able to accommodate late entry.  

-If you are put on the Waitlist, be sure your notifications are turned ON so you can receive the email/text if you are moved into class. 

-In addition to a maximum # of students, we will not hold the in studio class with less than 3 people signed up.  In that instance the class will only be held online.   Again, be sure to have your account set up to receive notifications in case of a cancellation.

-Guidelines for entering the studio will be hung in the vestibule.  ONE PERSON in the vestibule at a time.  You must wear a mask when entering and exiting the studio and walking to the restroom.

-Classes are BYO: mat/props/etc.  There will be no access to PY props.  Weights will be available for fitness classes, but students can bring their own.  There will be no access to the seating/cubby area, so please only bring with you what you need for class.  There will be storage at your station.  

-Instructions for entering are hung in the vestibule. Please remove shoes, knock and have your temperature taken.  Temperatures over 100F will not be permitted to take the class in studio.

-If you are not feeling well, please honor yourself and others by staying home and enjoying the class online.