PVT Tank

Item #: PVTT

Colors available:

White with Purple imprint

​Black wtih white imprint

Limited Sizes S-XXL


PY Tank

Item #: PYTK

Color: Purple with white imprint

Limited Sizes M-XXL

SALE: $15 ($16 XXL)

L/S Hood

Item #: LSH


Colors available: 

Purple with white imprint: 1M, 1L, 1XL

Black with white imprint: 1l, 2 XL's

Maroon with white imprint: 2 L's


To Order:

  • Email: emailblast@positivityyogis.com
  • Include: Your Name, Item#, Color (if applicable), Size, Quantity  *If an item is not available you will be notified.
  • An invoice will be billed to your Mindbody account and emailed.
  • Once payment is received the order will be packed for NO CONTACT delivery. ​

Invoices can be paid over the phone via credit card or via:

Paypal: gcozz@hotmail.com

Venmo: @Gina-Pawlik

Lounge Pant

Item #: PANT

Color: Grey with white imprint

Limited Sizes M-XL 

SALE: $20 

SPV Scoop

Item #: SPVS

Color: White with purple imprint 

ONLY 1S and 2L's LEFT


Full Zip Hoodie

Item #: HOOD

Colors available:

Black with white imprint

Purple with white imprint

Limited Sizes S-L (XL and XXL in purple only) 

SALE: $28 ($29XXL)

Apparel Sale!

Order instructions below

Ladies T-shirt

Item #: LADT

Colors available:

Purple with white imprint

White with purple imprint

Limited Qnty, Sizes S-XXL

CLOSEOUT: $10 ($11 XXL)

Lavender Eye Pillow

Item #: EYEP

Color: Variety 


Happy L/S with Thumb Hole

Item #: HAPPY

Colors available:

Fushia with white imprint

Black with white imprint

Limited Quantity, Sizes S-XL


Inhale Exhale Scoop

Item #: INEX

Color: Grey with white imprint

Limited Sizes S-XL



Crop Hoodie

Item #: CROP

Colors available:

Light Grey with purple imprint (shown)

Dark Grey with white imprint

Limited Quantity, Sizes S-XL

SALE: $29 


Item #: LEGG

Color: Black with white imprint

Limited Sizes S-XL

SALE: $20

Thin Zip Hood

Item #: TZH

Colors available:

Black with white imprint

Light Grey with purple imprint

Limited Sizes S-XL 

SALE $25 

Open Back with Thumb Hole

Item #: OBT

Color: Grey with light purple imprint

Sizes S-XL